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Jenna Kerr Jenstone Set | World Famous Tattoo Ink

Jenna Kerr Jenstone Set | World Famous Tattoo Ink

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Captivating, stunning, and elaborate; these are only a few words used to describe the extensive work of World Famous artist, Jenna Kerr. It’s called Jenstones over gemstones, because Jenna is passionate about her artwork and puts a piece of that in every tattoo. Make your tattoos shine bright like a diamond with colors including Luna Gem, Majestic Jewel, Sparkling Diamond, and more!

  • Contains zero animal products
  • Never tested on animals
  • More reliable and safer on skin
  • Longer lasting ink and better vibrancy
Set Includes:
  • Cosmic Stone
  • Crystal Trinket
  • Icy Pearl
  • Macabre Crystal
  • Majestic Jewel
  • Luna Gem
  • Precious Gem
  • Sparkling Diamond


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