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Arachne - Debora Cherrys Musas Ink | World Famous Tattoo Ink

Arachne - Debora Cherrys Musas Ink | World Famous Tattoo Ink

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Debora Cherrys creates an impressive variety of tattoos. Focused on the ever-changing and vast range of a woman's face, each one depicts a unique character. Some of these pieces contain darkness and a sense of unpredictability in the eyes, some are inspired by real hard-working women we see every day, and each illustrates a custom made persona. Behind every portrait is a story. This makes Debora Cherrys an imaginative and talented storyteller, through her detailed female portrait pieces.

World Famous Tattoo Ink is proud to announce the launch of Debora Cherrys’ set, Musas.
This set contains the richest hues to magnify every tattoo, and is inspired by the intrigue of muses; including roots from Greek Mythology like Gea, Pandora, and Medusa.

Debora’s enchanting tattoos have captivated clients across the globe, and we’re confident this set will do the same for you.

Chase what inspires you with Musas sold exclusively at World Famous Tattoo Ink.

  • Contains zero animal products
  • Never tested on animals
  • Better for immunity and overall health
  • More reliable and safer on skin
  • Longer lasting ink and better vibrancy


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